Xago provides an opportunity for traders to arbitrage between Xagi and other exchanges.

In the video below, our CEO, Jurgen Kuhnel, explains how to arbitrage between Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the US and Xago, based in South Africa. 

In the video Jurgen buys XRP from Bittrex (at a lower price than what exchanges offer in South Africa) and sells it at a higher price on Xago.  The type of order he places is a pegged order type. A pegged order is an order to buy or sell a specified quantity of XRP at a specified percentage, which is pegged on an international USD XRP price.

Jurgen shows a calculation which includes the fees and the profit made on the trade.

This is a simple demonstration of how this process works.

If you would like further help on how to do this, please contact us and we can arrange a training session for you.