Phishing is a one of the ways that online hackers and scammers try to get information from customers and can occur though various means of communication, including emails, SMS texts, social media posts, and URL advertisements. The attackers will pretend to be Xago in order to obtain sensitive information, such as passwords and 2FA codes.


Double-check who the email sender is of an email as it may appear to be coming from Xago but the email address would be a variation of our email address such as for example instead of

Xago's website is at Scammers and hackers could change the address slightly by placing a dash between “www” and “” such as The landing page would look exactly like Xago's, but the dash between “www” and “”  in the URL signifies that this is not They do this in order to gain control of your account. 

If you suspect you are a victim of a phishing attack, please secure your account by changing your email and password and submit a support ticket here.